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 We love creating pickled foods!

Inspired by the bounty of Mendocino.

Fermented foods are very beneficial for

our bodies. We made the decision to stay small

and serve our local community by being a BIG

part of our Local Food Web. Fresh organic ingredients,

local sourcing and wildcrafting whenever possible.

Seasonal offerings, healthy nutrient dense food

made with integrity and care.

 We make each batch

with care and attention, so the quality is superb.

Made with love in Mendocino.


        You're going to love this! 

  The art and science of fermenting foods has been around for thousands of years. Traditional cultures experienced the benefits of increased vitamin levels and ease of                       digestion, as well as preserving the essence of the harvest.

The magic of fermentation transforms foods making their flavors more complex.    

      Enjoy them with proteins, on salads,sandwiches, eggs, or strait from the jar. 

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