Starting with fresh Organic vegetables,


We make small batch ferments using traditional methods.


   This produces living food teeming with beneficial bacteria and enzymes. 

 We support local farmers 

                   using local vegetables when available.


It is our joy to work with freshest ingredients creating

    nutritious, healthy, delicious food and beverages.

        You're going to love this! 


My husband and I started experimenting with lacto-fermentation about 10 years ago.  Adding fermented foods to our diet had positive effects on our health, and we loved the taste of homemade sauerkraut, vegetables, chutneys, beverages and tonics. Fermented foods are very beneficial for our bodies! We decided to share our favorite recipes with our community at the Mendocino county farmer's markets.   

Now we have offerings at the best regional stores.


 We also serve restaurants and catering companies.

  The art and science of fermenting foods has been around for thousands of years. Traditional cultures experienced the benefits of increased vitamin levels and ease of digestion, as well as preserving the harvest. The magic of fermentation transforms foods making their flavors more complex. Enjoy them with proteins, on salads,sandwiches, eggs, or strait from the jar. 

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