Fresh Turmeric Sauerkraut

     16 oz jars

      Fresh Organic Turmeric root prvides a light, rich base note to this  Kitchari

      style kraut. Add a burst of flavor to vegetables, eggs, lamb  and sandwiches.

      Ingredients: Cabbage* Fresh Turmeric root* Ginger* Fennel* Coriander*

               Black pepper* Black mustard seed* fenugreek* Real Salt.



 Kim Chee

 16 oz jars/1 gallon/5 gallon 

 I love Kim Chee! Traditional recipes and farm fresh ingredients.

Kim Chee goes with everything.

 Ingedients: Napa Cabbage* carrots* green onion* fresh ginger root* garlic*

                 Korean Pepper Flakes,Sea Salt.          


Hot Kim Chee 

16 oz jars

 This hotter style  Kim Chee has pure Anchovy fish sauce, creating layers of flavor.


 Ingredients: Napa Cabbage* carrots* green onion* fresh ginger root* garlic* 

                  Red Boat fish sauce, Koean pepper flakes, Red pepper flakes* Sea Salt.                                          

Green Onion Kim Chee

 8 oz jars/16 oz jars 

 The perfect Umami. A little goes a long way.


       Ingredients: Green Onion* Red Boat fish sauce, Sugar* Sea salt.


 Kim Chee


Crazy Craig's Sauerkraut 

16 oz jars 

 We love this ferment! The bounty of the harvest is reflected in this delicious blend of mixed vegetables with herbs The best choice for dogs, veggie dogs, and sausages. 

 Ingredients:Cabbage*Peppers* Onion* Carrots* Celery* Turnips* 

Mustard seed, Dill, Garlic, Juniper berries* Coriander* Tarragon* Bay leaf* Real Salt. 



 Sea Witch Sauerkraut 

16 oz jars

 Inspired by the bounty of sea vegetables on the Mendocino Coast and the people who harvest them. Cool and mellow, pairs great wth any Seafood, Noodle or Rice dish.  Vitamin and Mineral rich.                             


Cabbage, Sea palm**  flax seeds* sesame seeds* Real Salt.  

**wildcrafted from Mendocino by Wild Dev -Ocean by the Sea Witch.




 Lemon Garlic Dill Sauerkraut

16 oz jars

Classic combination brightens any plate. Flavor complements any seafood. Try on salads and sandwiches.

Ingredients: Cabbage* Lemons* Garlic* Dill* Real Salt.

 Beet Ginger Sauerkraut

16 oz jars

Lively and Earthy. Healthy combination of Beets and Ginger. Warming flavor, beautiful color.

Ingredients: Cabbage* Beets* Fresh Ginger root* Real Salt



                      Beet Ginger Kvass

                      Beets* Fresh ginger* Real salt. 

                     Cabbage Juice Tonic

                   Cabbage* cayenne* Real salt.


   Made seasonally with Organic  fresh fruit, herbs and vegetables.

                                     Ginger Lime   

                                Blood Orange Sage

                                  Tamirind cayenne





                                                                                               Celestial Roots

                                                   Turnip, daikon, carrot, fennel, sea palm, turmeric,ginger, cumin, caraway, salt.


                                                                                      Fresh Spring Flowerkraut

                                                       Cabbage, dandelion* burdock* and kale* Edible flowers* Real Salt.

                                                                                        Happy Hippy Sauerkraut

                                                             Cabbage, beets, ginger,  burdock, sun chokes,  hemp seeds, salt. 

                                                                                           Cucumber pickles

                                                                          Cucumbers, garlic, dill, salt, mustard seed.

                                                                                           Daikon kim Chee

                                                               Daikon, green onions, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, sugar, salt.


                                                                                White Kim Chee with Asian pear

                                                          Napa Cabbage, onion, pear, daikon, ginger, Korean pepper, salt.

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