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 customer testimonials

“The flavor combination and "kick" is lovely. Cannot wait to try some others

Fabulous, thanks Michelle!  It’s delicious.” 


“ I just want to tell you that we LOVE the KimChee I bought from you yesterday. I used to be a Kim Chee lover, buying those jars from the salad section of the grocery store. But had not really had any in 20 years or more.”

 “Hi, I tried some of your sauerkraut this week at the Surf Market in Gualala. It was incredibly good. I love pickled things so I'm happy to discover sauerkraut can be lifted to a new level of flavor and texture. I see good things in store for my Rueben sandwiches!  I'm so glad your rep was handing out samples.”


   “The special Kim Chee has the perfect umami….”


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